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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – The Four Pillars of Sales Success with Veteran Advisor Chris Goade – E89

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – The Four Pillars of Sales Success with Veteran Advisor Chris Goade – E89

Join Kevin Lawson and Sean O’Shaughnessey in this compelling episode of “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales,” featuring seasoned sales acceleration advisor Chris Goade. As a pioneer in the field from Dallas-Fort Worth, Chris brings a wealth of experience from top companies like Dr. Pepper, PepsiCo, and 3M. Delve into the intricacies of building effective sales processes and learn firsthand about the transformative power of structured sales strategies.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Building Effective Sales Teams: How creating structured processes can accelerate sales performance.
  • Sales Process Fundamentals: Chris outlines the critical pillars of a successful sales process, including lead generation and customer relationship management.
  • Transitioning from Corporate to Consulting: Chris shares his journey from corporate sales to starting his own consulting business and the lessons learned.
  • The Evolution of Sales Tools and Techniques: Discussion on how sales strategies have adapted over time, especially in response to technological advancements.
  • Maintaining Customer Relationships: The importance of nurturing existing relationships to foster long-term business growth.

Key Quotes

Kevin Lawson: “Being a VP of sales should not just be about managing whether your team made their dials today—it’s about much more substantial leadership roles.”

Sean O’Shaughnessey: “There is no silver bullet in sales, just a lot of hard work and the right processes.”

Chris Goade: “Every great sales organization has four key pillars.”


This episode sheds light on the foundational aspects of sales and emphasizes the transition from traditional to modern sales techniques, underpinned by robust processes and real-world experiences. Chris Goade’s journey from corporate leadership to impactful consultancy provides invaluable lessons for sales professionals across all levels. If you aim to revamp your sales strategy or gain insights from a top sales advisor, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales” for this enriching discussion, and stay tuned for more expert advice on enhancing your sales processes and customer relationships. Don’t miss next week’s episode, where Chris will delve deeper into maintaining long-term customer relationships.

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