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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Maximizing Customer Relationships: Insights from Chris Goade – E90

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Maximizing Customer Relationships: Insights from Chris Goade – E90

Join Kevin Lawson and Sean O’Shaughnessey in another insightful episode of “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales.” This week, they welcome back Chris Goade from 360 Consulting in Dallas. Chris dives deep into the importance of customer retention and intentional engagement strategies. Discover how to transform average customers into great ones and learn practical techniques to elevate your sales game.

Key Topics Discussed

  1. Defining Ideal Customers: Chris emphasizes the need for businesses to understand and define what makes a great customer, moving beyond just high revenue.
  2. Intentional Customer Interactions: Pre-call planning and intentionality in customer meetings are important to foster deeper relationships and uncover more business opportunities.
  3. Handling Customer Problems: How addressing and solving problems can turn challenging customers into loyal advocates.
  4. Roadmapping Conversations: Strategies for sales leaders to guide their teams in having structured, meaningful conversations with clients.
  5. Growing Existing Customers: Real-world examples of how focusing on existing customers can lead to significant business growth without new customer acquisition.
  6. Salesperson Development: Techniques to help salespeople grow comfortable with engaging higher-level executives and having more strategic business conversations.

Key Quotes

  • Sean O’Shaughnessey: “Reaching out to existing clients and understanding their evolving needs opens up numerous opportunities for both the client and the business.”
  • Chris Goade: “Every problem is an opportunity depending on how you handle it. Some of the best customers I’ve had were ones we solved big problems for.”
  • Kevin Lawson: “Understanding your customer’s business through frameworks like PESTEL can dramatically improve the quality of your conversations.”

Additional Resources

  • PESTEL Framework: Learn about analyzing the macro-environmental factors that impact a business. –
  • Business Model Canvas: A strategic management tool for developing new or documenting existing business models. –
  • Sales Xceleration Framework: Explore the framework that Chris Goade and his team use to manage and grow sales organizations. –


Chris Goade highlights the often-overlooked strategy of maximizing existing customer relationships in this episode. With practical advice and real-world examples, Chris, Kevin, and Sean discuss how intentionality, problem-solving, and strategic engagement can transform your sales approach. Whether you’re a seasoned sales leader or new to the field, this episode is packed with actionable insights you won’t want to miss. Tune in to elevate your sales strategy and achieve greater success with your current customer base.

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