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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Selling the Hole, Not the Drill: Understanding the Real Value Behind Your Sales – E91

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Selling the Hole, Not the Drill: Understanding the Real Value Behind Your Sales – E91

Welcome to another insightful episode of “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales,” where our hosts Kevin Lawson and Sean O’Shaughnessey dive deep into the complexities and strategies of sales. In this episode, they explore the nuanced dynamics of selling through distribution and understanding the real needs of your customers. Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or just starting in your career, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge on refining your sales approach to maximize effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Selling Through Distribution: Sean shares his early career mistakes and the pivotal lessons of focusing beyond just the product features.
  2. Understanding Your Customer’s Needs: Strategies to grasp what the end-user truly requires from a product, rather than just its specifications.
  3. The Importance of Simplicity in Sales: Kevin emphasizes how simplifying your sales message can vastly improve understanding and efficiency in sales processes.
  4. Sales Training and Knowledge Transfer: Both hosts discuss how proper training and knowledge sharing with channel partners and sales teams can lead to better sales outcomes.
  5. The Role of Value in Sales: How to communicate the unique value of a product or service to stand out in a competitive market.
  6. Referral Partnerships and Networks: Sean elaborates on the significance of nurturing relationships with referral partners to enhance lead generation for smaller businesses.

Key Quotes:

  • Sean: “Don’t just sell the drill, or the hole, sell what’s going into the hole. Understanding what the salesperson needs to hear, not just the end consumer, transforms your approach.”
  • Kevin: “Complex is the enemy of progress. In your sales life, focus on how the end-user will benefit from the product. This simplification is key.”


Join Kevin and Sean in a robust discussion that challenges conventional sales tactics and encourages a more thoughtful, value-oriented approach. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies and truly understand the layers of effective selling. From refining your pitch to recognizing your true customer, the insights shared here are designed to transform your sales approach and propel your career forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and make your sales efforts more impactful. Tune in to “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales” for this and more transformative sales discussions.

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