New Sales Expert, LLC helps owners of companies realize the maximum value of their company by accelerating their revenue production.

Problems our clients are asking us to help them with:

  • I don’t know how to pay my salespeople with a motivating compensation plan.

  • We cannot accurately forecast our future revenue.

  • We lost a big customer – now what?

  • I can’t find the right salesperson for my company, industry, and products.

  • I’m not sure where to start – I don’t know what I don’t know.

  • I don’t know how to take sales to the next level.

About New Sales Expert LLC

New Sales Expert LLC helps company owners realize the maximum value of their company by improving their revenue generation capability. We help owners enhance their sales management, methodologies, processes, teams, and messaging to accomplish this.

The company’s CEO and President is Sean O’Shaughnessey. Sean is a professional sales leader with over 38 years of experience in complex business-to-business sales.

Sean concentrates on helping small and mid-size companies optimize their sales strategy, process, and education. Sean helps companies transform their sales culture, implement new sales processes and procedures, and instill best practices.

Sean focuses on more than just the strategic and tactical levels to help companies achieve record-breaking sales results.

Sean is a professional sales manager with over 38 years of experience in complex business-to-business sales.

After accumulating enough airline miles and hotel points to travel the world, Sean decided to focus his skills on helping small and medium-sized businesses. Over his career, Sean has perfected his craft for bringing new products to market. Since most small businesses need help to perfect the sales process of their products, his skills and expertise are in high demand.

Sean has worked for some of the best sales organizations in the world. His resume includes Rockwell Automation, PTC, Oracle, IBM, SAP, TIBCO, Hitachi, Red Hat, and several startups. He has held positions as high as VP of Worldwide Sales and Chief Revenue Officer.

Why Hire a Fractional Sales Leader?

Sean has sold to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including (but not limited to): Ally, Cardinal Health, Chrysler (FCA), Cummins, Eli Lilly, Fifth Third, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Honda, Jackson Insurance, Key Bank, Kroger, Lear, LexisNexis, Lexmark, L Brands, Nationwide, Papa Johns, Procter & Gamble, Progressive, Sallie Mae, Sherwin-Williams, and Toyota.

Sean has achieved or exceeded quota over two dozen times (many times over 200% of quota). He has been in the top producer category at least ten times and has had a top 10 largest deal of the year at least 20 times.

In his current role as a Fractional Vice President of Sales, Sean has:

  • Helped a company increase its value by 50% with a significant and successful acquisition of the company.
  • Helped a company scale from its angel investments to its series B investments.
  • Helped a company achieve a 50% increase in revenue with a 300% increase in profitability in a single year.
  • Stabilized and put predictability into the sales teams of his clients.

Sean lives with his high school sweetheart wife in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. They are the proud parents of three adult children.

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Outsourced VP of Sales have helped thousands of small to mid-size businesses get their sales back on track.

Many of our clients have seen revenue go up…and then go back down. They know what it is like to have more revenue, but they don’t know how to get back there.

Other clients know that they have much more room to grow. They understand that they have a minuscule market share, and they can get much bigger…if only they knew how.

New Sales Expert LLC has weathered crises in our corporate past, so we have the unique ability to leverage that experience and expertise to help companies during these challenging times.

Don’t carry the burden on your own. Tap into the strength and knowledge of our incredible fractional community. You have options when working with us. We can meet your budget, timing, and needs.

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