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Presentation to FocusCFO meeting

Presentation to FocusCFO meeting

I was honored to present “The States of Sales in Small Businesses” at the annual meeting of FocusCFO. This presentation compiles data from the survey of thousands of business owners regarding their sales practices. Sadly, very few small businesses excel at sales, which is why they need to hire high-quality fractional Vice Presidents of Sales, like the services provided by New Sales Expert, LLC.

FocusCFO provides CFO services on a fractional basis, meaning clients get all the advantages of a full-time CFO on flexible and affordable terms, working under a recurring schedule that fits within their budget. With a CFO on the management team, the entrepreneur is free to focus on what they do best: building great products and services and growing revenue.

Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from FocusCFO’s industry-leading model.

At FocusCFO, fractional CFOs utilize a balanced approach that helps businesses take their organizations into the future. They work closely with you, helping business owners and leaders make critical decisions that ultimately provide a clear vision for growth.

Their CFO services focus on key business systems that indicate financial health: cash flow, operations, internal accounting, and revenue. With tools in place in each of these areas, businesses can operate at their highest level and achieve sustainable, transferrable value.

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