John Morada

Often life puts you in contact with someone, and you wish you had known this person earlier. Working shoulder to shoulder with Sean is like that. He runs Sales. I run Marketing. Yet, the synergy between our departments is amazing because we understand the common goal of achieving a growth mission.

Sean’s accumulated sales experience should be something every marketer needs to learn. In return, Sean’s openness and willingness to collaborate with me drove so our achievements faster than ever before. For example, we generated 2x more campaigns because we fluidly tested, retested and adjusted. There were no barriers to our imagination and ability to execute. I could drive new topics based on his vast knowledge from prospect and customer conversations.

Working with Sean, no – let me restate that …. ‘collaborating’ with Sean is how sales and marketing departments should be. Like I said in my introduction – I wish we had known each other earlier. But I know him now. And that’s what counts because today and tomorrow is where achieve our next successes.