March Madness Teaches Us Great Coaching Techniques

March Madness Teaches Us Great Coaching Techniques

March Madness teaches us great coaching techniques

March Madness teaches us great coaching techniques

Published: Tue, 03/14/23

Sean O’Shaughnessey
CEO and President
New Sales Expert LLC
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95% of Small Business Say They are Below Average or Worse in Their Sales Performance

95% of Small Business Say They are Below Average or Worse in Their Sales Performance

We are almost done tabulating the results for the grading of small businesses. Every year, Sales Xceleration asks the CEOs and owners of small businesses to grade themselves on how well their company is running its sales operations.

Like last year, 95% of all companies couldn’t get to the “average” level of execution.

But 2022 was worse than last year since more companies graded themselves as “Poor” rather than just “Below Average.” 

It is okay that small business owners or executives at small businesses do not know how to create a great sales organization, however …

… it is not okay for them not to fix it.

The reality is that most small business owners excel at many things. That is why they started their business. Perhaps, they are experts at:

  • manufacturing
  • design
  • software creation
  • operations
  • logistics

Or any of the hundreds of essential skills required to create a great company. But even though the small business owner is best-in-class in one or many of these disciplines, they still need to be better-in-class in producing or managing a sales organization. 

It may be okay that the small business leader cannot create an excellent revenue generation machine. Still, it is not okay that they don’t address the problem. The company and all of the people working for the company (along with their families) depend on that company. The owner needs to fix this problem.

But it is very hard for the small business owner to fix this problem.

They may not be able to find or afford an executive to at least get the “Excellent” rating. Let’s face it, that type of executive is in very high demand by companies that are much larger than small businesses.

The solution, of course, is to look for a Fractional Sales Vice President to help them. I am here to help. I help company owners realize the maximum value of their company by improving their revenue generation capability. ​To accomplish this, I help owners enhance their sales management, methodologies, processes, teams, and messaging. 

You can learn more about how small businesses are doing in generating revenue for their companies at two upcoming events.

If you are in Cincinnati, I will present on this topic at the Beers & Biz networking event on February 23. You can register for this event at but make sure that you arrive at 3:30 (I start on time) and sign up for the Revenue Growth breakout session.

You can also watch Kevin Lawson and me go through the study’s highlights, explain why the various grades are a problem, and then offer potential solutions to the issues. Kevin and I will be presenting at a special session of our monthly CEO Workshop on March 1, and you can register at

The company owner may be unable to make a best-in-class revenue generation engine within the company personally, but that doesn’t mean the owner shouldn’t create one. Fractional executives are available to fill in the gaps in the expertise that exists within the company.

CEO Insight podcast: Sean O’Shaughnessey, CEO of New Sales Expert, LLC

CEO Insight podcast: Sean O’Shaughnessey, CEO of New Sales Expert, LLC

The following is a transcript of the podcast video above. It has been sparsely edited to increase its readability, but many of the idioms and poor spoken grammar have been left in place. The transcription was automatically generated by and, as capable as that product is, there are times when words are missed, or sentence structure was incorrectly interpreted. We have tried to catch all of these software misses, but we are confident that some still remain. The below text is provided for those that would rather read than watch a video.

Earl Ameen: [00:00:00] This is Earl Ameen, with a 20/20 Foresight podcast, where CEOs of small-to-global companies share their insights. It is six questions in nine minutes because top CEOs know how to listen and be concise. So let’s get to it. First of all, welcome. Tell us who you are and what you do in just a few sentences.

Sean O’Shaughnessey: [00:00:22] My name is Sean O’Shaughnessey. Thank you very much for having me on your program. I am a Fractional Vice President of Sales. My company goes into other companies, and we run the sales department for those other companies. We help them grow, we help them accelerate their revenue, and we help them create a process that makes predictable revenue possible.

Earl Ameen: [00:00:45] Outstanding. Well, tell me, Sean, what’s the best thing about being the CEO of your company?

Sean O’Shaughnessey: [00:00:51] So for me, the best thing about being the CEO is actually not just being a CEO, but actually giving back and allowing myself to help other companies. So, I am in the service industry. As I said, I’m a Fractional VP of sales. I like having the ability to take a company that is struggling to make its revenue targets and help them achieve those revenue targets. I can help them become a prosperous, sales-oriented culture. So, I love doing that for other companies and doing it for multiple companies at the same time.

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