Skinned Knees – What An MBA Didn’t Teach You About Sales

The sales profession is challenging. You need to work hard at it to succeed. You need to learn from the best. You need to improve your skills continuously. If you think you can sell since you are a hit at parties and have a lot of friends, you may soon find that you are a failure as a salesperson. Blunt truth: 

because the sales profession is so hard, you have to focus on doing everything in sales very well, or you will be considered a failure.

We have all heard the line:

Everyone sells.

We have heard it over and over. It is typically combined with some cute anecdote about a child convinces his or her mother for an ice cream cone or a new toy or to stay up and watch a show.

Yes, we all have to convince another person to make a decision in our favor (the essence of sales) but that doesn’t mean that we do it well. Also, the story of the child never includes the number of times that Mom doesn’t buy the ice cream cone or the new toy.

New Sales Expert LLC is dedicated to helping young and small companies become successful by improving their sales performance. We add the professionalism that few small companies can deliver. We don’t just give advice, but instead, we are right there with our clients as they transform their company into an efficient sales machine.

A typical client will have us:

  • Define sales goals & quotas
  • Select and customize a CRM
  • Develop pipeline management & forecasting methodology and processes
  • Create key metrics, reporting & dashboards tools
  • Develop a customized sales process to be more customer-facing and milestone-oriented
  • Develop customized compensation plan
  • Manage performance improvement plans, terminations, and hiring the right resources to meet business goals.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled “executive” meetings.
  • Run weekly one-on-one sales meetings.
  • Work with leadership, sales team, and any outside resources to develop the company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Define and hire sales resources (if we find this is needed)
  • Provide sales training as needed.
  • Travel with the sales team.
  • Oversee pipeline development.
  • Lead all roleplaying sessions.
  • Work with leadership and other departments to eliminate as much non-selling activity as possible.

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