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Start The New Year STRONG!

Start The New Year STRONG!

I published a video series on how to start the year strong for this new year. You can see the twelve video episodes here.

If I summarize all the videos, the common theme is that you must try something new. If you don’t evolve, you lose.

That should be your new year’s resolution for your business life:

If you don’t evolve, you lose.

Some suggestions were on what you can do between the holidays to be better at sales. The goal was to be better than you were. To improve on where you were from last year.

Salespeople and sales managers have long been responsible for driving organizational growth, but they can’t continue to do so effectively without evolving their strategies. To keep their organizations ahead of the competition, salespeople need to be aware of changes in customer demands, technological advances, and the buying behavior of today’s customers. Without staying tuned into these factors, they may find themselves without a job altogether because outdated methods can no longer deliver on expectations.

Your competitors are constantly trying to get better. In fact, your competitors might be watching my videos and reading my blog posts.

It can be daunting to keep up with the competition in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Every day, your rival companies are doing everything they can to get ahead—and you need to stay ahead of the game if you want your sales team to thrive. Whether it is finding new ways for lead generation or investing in better technology, the new year is a great time to improve your skills, strategies, and tactics.

There’s no way you do everything correctly. There’s always something you did wrong and could have done better.

Nobody ever played a perfect game of basketball. Nobody ever played a perfect game of football or tennis. And nobody ever had a perfect sales campaign, either.

Salespeople need to understand that sales campaigns always have room for improvement. With the dynamic sales process and ever-changing customer needs, salespeople must continuously revisit their sales tactics to improve results. Reviewing sales campaigns regularly and identifying areas where improvements can be made is essential. Learning from past mistakes and making the necessary adjustments will help salespeople achieve better success in their sales efforts and build confidence, giving them more motivation to reach higher goals.

You didn’t do everything correctly. You may have done it well enough to win the deal, but maybe you didn’t do it often enough. I challenge you to find one thing you will do better in sales this new year that you didn’t do last year. Try something new that you didn’t do last time, make it better, and be as professional in your sales career as possible.

Be successful, and have a great new year.

Header Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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