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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Three-Legged Stool of Sales Success: Networking, Direct Prospecting, and Customer Referrals – Episode 42

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Three-Legged Stool of Sales Success: Networking, Direct Prospecting, and Customer Referrals – Episode 42

In this episode of Two Tall Guys Talking Sales, hosts Sean O’Shaughnessey and Kevin Lawson get tactical on sales prospecting. They dive deep into sales strategies and tactics, discussing how to build momentum for the latter half of the year and beyond. Whether your sales pipeline is currently thriving or needs a refill, this episode offers valuable insights that apply to all sales situations.

Key Topics Discussed

  1. The Art of Prospecting: Uncover practical ways to refill your sales pipeline effectively, leveraging both direct and networking-based prospecting.
  2. Direct vs Networking-based Prospecting: Understand the differences, subtleties, and strategies in both approaches and learn how to optimize them based on your business context and audience.
  3. Balancing Prospecting Behaviors: Discover the importance of inbound marketing, outbound sales force, and customer success models in driving a well-rounded prospecting strategy.
  4. Sales Funnel Structure: Explore the analogy of a three-legged stool representing a solid sales structure consisting of networking, direct prospecting, and customer referrals.
  5. Building Trust within Your Network: Learn the value of trust-building within your network for long-term sales success and how to ensure your network is well-informed about your product/service offerings.

Key Quotes

“Prospecting your network requires a different focus and a different type of how you present yourself because you’re not asking someone for business. You’re asking to have someone else introduce you to the right prospect for you.” – Kevin Lawson

“Don’t depend on any one thing to always work within your organization. In fact, you will be more successful if all three of those legs are just as strong and just as good because if you only have two legs working well, you don’t have that third leg, you’ve got a weak stool, you’re going to fall over.” – Sean O’Shaughnessey

Additional Resources

  • The Sandler training, particularly the KARE acronym (Keep, Attain, Recapture, Expand), was mentioned as a beneficial framework for customer strategy focus.


In the latest episode of Two Tall Guys Talking Sales, Sean O’Shaughnessey and Kevin Lawson provide a tactical guide to refueling your sales pipeline. Drawing on their extensive experience in the field, they share the intricacies of direct prospecting and networking-based prospecting. They stress the importance of balance and resilience in a successful sales strategy, using the metaphor of a three-legged stool to represent a robust sales structure. Listen in to gain valuable insights on trust-building within your network, effectively prospecting your existing customers, and crafting an efficient sales strategy. No matter where you are in your sales journey, this episode promises practical advice and strategies to help you boost your sales performance.

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