Two Tall Guys Talking Sales – From Holiday Hangover to Sales Success: Planning Your Annual Kickoff – E59

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales – From Holiday Hangover to Sales Success: Planning Your Annual Kickoff – E59

Join hosts Kevin Lawson and Sean O’Shaughnessey as they dive into the crucial topic of preparing for annual sales kickoffs in this insightful episode of Two Tall Guys Talking Sales. With the holiday season just around the corner, our hosts share their expert strategies for transitioning from holiday cheer to sales gear.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. The Importance of Annual Kickoff Meetings: Discover why these meetings are vital for setting the tone for the fiscal year and how they can energize your sales team.
  2. Planning for Success: Learn the steps to plan an effective sales meeting that isn’t just another PowerPoint marathon.
  3. Choosing the Right Venue: Understand the significance of selecting a venue outside your usual office space to foster creativity and focus.
  4. Involving Key Players: Get insights on who should be part of your sales kickoff to maximize impact, including departments beyond sales.
  5. Guest Speakers and Motivation: Explore the benefits of inviting guest speakers to inspire your team and why thinking outside the box is crucial.
  6. Community and Team Bonding: Find out how community service can be a powerful team-building exercise and contribute to a positive company culture.

Key Quotes:

Kevin: “You don’t just wake up and hit quota. You don’t wake up and pull off an annual sales meeting. It’s time to climb the mountain.”

Sean: “2023 is over. Now you’re at 2024 and guess what? You haven’t sold a single thing yet. It’s time to energize the team and get them going.”

Summary Paragraph:

In this episode of Two Tall Guys Talking Sales, Kevin and Sean provide a masterclass on transforming the annual sales kickoff from a dreaded event into a dynamic and motivating experience. They emphasize the need for meticulous planning, the power of a change in scenery, and the importance of including diverse voices and departments. With their practical advice and real-world examples, this episode is a must-listen for sales leaders and team members looking to start their fiscal year with a bang. Tune in to ensure your next sales meeting is productive and truly inspiring.

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