We are coming down on the end of the year and are now on the 8th video in my series of how to start the New Year strong so that you achieve more revenue next year.

In this eighth video in the series, I encourage you to return to the deals you lost.

It’s never a pleasant experience to lose a deal, but sometimes it’s inevitable. If you take the time to properly and strategically follow up on lost deals, however, you may be able to turn things around for yourself. Following up after losing a sale can yield numerous benefits for salespeople and their managers – from increasing revenue to developing relationships with new customers. This video discusses how following up on lost deals can benefit your business.

  • Did they actually buy from your competitor?
  • Do they have buyer’s remorse that you can use to your advantage?
  • Can you do a smaller deal that fills in a shortcoming in the winning solution? After all, some revenue in the new year is better than no revenue.

If you’re a salesperson, chances are you think about “lost deals” quite often. It can be incredibly frustrating to invest time and energy into a potential customer only for them to have opted out at the end of the day! So why did the prospect reject our offer? Be completely honest with yourself (even if you aren’t honest with your management). Can you go back and save it?

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