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Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Building Trust and Credibility in Sales: A Conversation with Tom Daly – E78

Two Tall Guys Talking Sales Podcast – Building Trust and Credibility in Sales: A Conversation with Tom Daly – E78

Dive into the sales world with “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales,” where hosts Kevin Lawson and Sean O’Shaughnessey engage candidly with Tom Daly from Focus Insights Group. This episode, rich with insights and anecdotes, peels back the layers of what makes or breaks sales strategies, highlighting the crucial elements of successful sales encounters. Join us as Tom shares his wealth of experience, offering invaluable advice to sales novices and veterans alike on how to excel in the sales domain.

Key Topics Discussed

  1. The Journey from Sales Novice to Expert: Tom reflects on the early, often challenging days of sales, underscoring the importance of mentorship and learning.
  2. Aligning Sales with Business Goals: How to ensure that sales strategies are effective and align with broader business objectives.
  3. The Role of a Salesperson as a Business Advisor: Moving beyond the traditional sales role to become an indispensable client partner.
  4. Building Trust and Credibility in Sales: Strategies for salespeople to become trusted advisors, leading to long-term client relationships and referrals.
  5. The Importance of Process and Structure in Sales: Tom emphasizes the need for a disciplined approach to sales, akin to accounting, for scalability and predictability.
  6. Advice for CEOs on Sales Process Management: Insights on how CEOs can foster a more structured and effective sales process within their organizations.

Key Quotes

Tom Daly:

“The professionals that are awesome at sales, they just simply like helping. And they like helping people in a critical way where they can’t help themselves.”

Sean O’Shaughnessey:

“Sales is about transferring trust… It’s easier to transfer trust when it’s your company. It’s harder when you’re a salesperson.”

Kevin Lawson:

“Understanding your market and understanding your value proposition is really important. When you marry those together… you become that trusted advisor.”

Additional Resources

  • Sales Xceleration: Tom’s brand and passion, offering sales optimization services. –
  • Focus Insights Group, LLC: Learn more about Tom’s consultancy, aiding clients to achieve their best sales year. – Focus Insights Group, LLC


This episode of “Two Tall Guys Talking Sales” delves into the essence of successful selling, from the foundational days of learning the ropes to mastering the art of becoming a business advisor rather than just a salesperson. Tom Daly, with his extensive experience and passion for sales, shares practical advice on how salespeople can truly make a difference by focusing on their clients’ needs and dreams. Whether you’re a budding salesperson looking to improve your skills or a CEO striving for sales excellence within your organization, this conversation offers a trove of insights and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Tune in to this episode for a compelling dive into effective sales practices with Tom Daley, and discover how to transform your sales approach from transactional to transformational.

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